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Prior to forming Cutting Edge Productions in 1998, founder Jeff Cifrodella worked and trained in many industries that helped to lay the foundation for the company.  Our diversity and passion as a company can be attributed to his life experiences and zeal. Prior to and during college, Jeff worked in satellite communications and experimented with photography and video cameras as his primary hobbies.  After his college experiences, Jeff completed his studies with three distinct focuses: architecture, accounting, and communications, focusing in TV/Film production. In addition to his diverse education, his 20 years of production experience and passion has formed the foundation of Cutting Edge Production as we know it today.

Jeff’s professional experience with satellite communications, audio visual installations, and live event support dates back to 1987.  His film and video career started at Metro Studios in NYC in the early 90’s and the path was set.  After career stops at NFL Films, The New York Football Giants, and one of New Jersey’s finest multimedia production houses, Jeff decided it was time to start a new type of company – one that would satisfy diverse needs in an ever-changing world, while maintaining one common goal: helping people communicate their message in a visual way through multimedia programs and live events.